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fuck me now

fuck me harder

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Rock_slash Roleplaying Community

[x] Mods are:
screamomcbert and
[x] We dont ask for much from the players. However, there has to be some rules. There just has to be. We don't ask for much, therefore we expect you will obey the few rules we ask you to follow.
-The Comm takes place after high school. So preferrably from the ages 17 to 20.
-YOU MUST HAVE AIM. Otherwise, it's just not fun!
-No killing off your character. Suicide threats, etc, are OK but the character has to live and cannot die.
-Character has to be real. You can't make up a character. The character should preferrably be from a band (ex. Benji-Good Charlotte) and not a celebrity (ex. Brad Pitt).
-The Comm takes place in San Diego, California. The residency of the actual person does not matter. All of the characters will live in the same area. It's just easier that way!

**Failure to follow these few rules will result in the banning of that character. We're nice people, and we dont like to ban people. All we ask is that you follow the simple rules listed above.

[x] The characters are pretty much free to do whatever they want. MPREG is OK. SLASH is OK. HET is OK. Anything you would like to do is pretty much okay. As long as nobody dies. We're pretty generous.

Any questions? ask a Mod. We'll be glad to help you.</td>